Maybe the best sarcastic conversation in tv history 

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Thus guy

Corbin: “Lyss, I’m bring you coffee how do you take it?”
Me: “Black.”
Corbin: “Is that your real answer or are you trying to be sexual, because I’m in line right now.”
Me: “…”




this broke my heart

Same :c

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Patrick Stewart sums it up.


Patrick Stewart sums it up.



i loved this scene so much

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My favorite thing about this show is that they portray straight people as obnoxiously ignorant about sexuality as they actually are in real life.

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Disney Concept Art

Holy hell… these are so beautiful <o.o>

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous…………

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"I’m afraid I’m easy to forget."

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Just in case anyone cares.
•April 25: My parents put out house for sale
•April 26: My parents fly out to Puerto Rico. I receive a call from our realtor; an offer has been put on the house. FINALLY I reach my parents. They accept the offer.
May 1: My maternal grandmother, suffers a stroke and is in the hospital.
May 2: I spend my entire day at the hospital. My grandfather is overwhelmed. My parents arrive home.
May 10: My family travels 1 hour to my sister’s grad school graduation
May 19: My grandmother is transferred to a rehab facility after losing all movement in her right side due to stroke.
May 22: My family travels 5 hours to my cousins high school graduation we stay until May 24
May 30: My grandmother is transferred to a nursing home after showing no progress in her right side.
June 1: Family starts to arrive for my brothers weekend graduation. They will continue to arrive until June 5 and stay until June 8. I put in a two weeks notice at my job.
June 4&5: I host auditions for the first play I’ve ever directed. The stress and pressure has already been enormous.
June 7: We throw my brother/cousin a elaborate graduation party. I tear my acciles racing my dad at an obstacle course. My brother graduates later that night.
June 8: My family travels 2 hours to attend an anniversary party for my paternal grandparents.
June 10: My paternal grandfather is informed he will need quintuple bypass surgery for multiple artery blockages. He has suffered at least 2 silent hear attacks. (My maternal grandmother is still in the nursing home)
June 11: My grandfather has surgery here in Louisville. Family continues to come and stay with us. They begin arriving on the 10 and will not leave until the 15
June 14: My last day of work. It is my worst shift ever. It is 8.5 hours long.
June 15: Father’s Day. I am called into work at a job I no longer have because my idiot manager scheduled me past my two weeks. My grandfather is discharged and heads home
June 16-21: My family is in a mad dash to finish the packing we neglected due to company, family and general craziness. I start my new job as an acting instructor. It is a crazy week.
June 21-22: We move as much as possible into our rental house
June 23: Movers come to take our big furniture. I have my first rehearsal for The Breakfast Club after having to make two large casting changes.
June 23-today: My family tries to get settled in a rental property we were promised would be finished by last Friday. Finishes are forgotten. The basement had water damage. My mom’s sink is flooding her cabinets. My brother in law cut his hand open on a rusted nail. Etc.

So excuse me for not being my self. Sorry


No matter where I am my phone tells me how long it’ll take me to get home. And I like that

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No, I am not okay. Thanks for asking