Stage Kissing

  • Me: And I hate when you're stage kissing and it makes that noise. Ya know?
  • Maddie: Oh if you open your mouth really wide and use a little tongue you won't make that noise.
  • Me: ...

I hate when I’m in a kissing mood and have no one to kiss.

At least in Macbeth I had stage kissing

and before that there was always Chase (:


Last night I had a dream that I was dating Evan Thompson

Which was weird in and of itself because I haven’t seen Evan Thompson in like three years, plus also, I really can’t stand him. Anyways, in my dream he posted all these pictures of us on Facebook kissing (and I seriously hat when people do that. I get it, you’re hopelessly in love, but no one else cares, or wants to see a posed picture of you kissing; that’s just gross) anyway I got really irritated because I had asked him not too because it would upset Megan (ironically, because after I dumped Caleb, she dated him) He got mad at me because of it and locked me in this room with some girl I didn’t know and she drew all over me. Then she went to get Evan and he made me take pictures kissing him and then post them to Facebook.

This story was pointless, I just thought I’d share.