When I’m upset I watch the David Tennant Hamlet, the Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio Romeo and Juliet, and the Judi Dench and Kate Fleetwood Macbeths.

And it takes like 8 hours and I cry at the end of every single one….

This is my Lady Macbeth face

This is my Lady Macbeth face


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Every girl wants to be Juliet, but they never stop to realize; the nurse has more lines, Isabella goes through real tragedy, Lady Macbeth is a freaking BAMF and Ophelia carries a complexity of few other characters. I don’t need a Romeo. I’d much rather have an Angelo, Macbeth or Hamlet.



I reallllllly want my first tattoo to be a Shakespearian one, and I need help picking the right quote, and deciding whether or not I want some sort of image with it. Help please!

My favorite plays are: Macbeth, Hamlet, and of course R+J



Thespians at Prom(:


I hate when I’m in a kissing mood and have no one to kiss.

At least in Macbeth I had stage kissing

and before that there was always Chase (:


Hello best friend. I can’t even begin to think of how to say goodbye to you.



  • Me: Don't let me fall!
  • Andrew: Don't try to tackle any boxes Lady MacBeth.

Finally bringing myself to watch the Macbeth DVD

and oh my god I have the weirdest voice ever.


I adore musical theatre.

and I could spend my whole life loving that and doing that. But, recently, something about Shakespeare has been speaking to me. I love acting Shakespeare because there are no meaningless characters. There’s a story and a depth to every character and more than anything in the world when I got Lady Macbeth I despised her. I didn’t want to play that person, it was such a dark place to be emotionally. And it was also driven in so many other ways I wasn’t ready for. Getting myself to the point where I felt I was ready to act not only her evil side, but also her love for her husband, and the desire that was there, was a hard place to be emotionally. She made me feel powerful. One scene in particular: “was the hope drunk…” I got so into that scene I would walk down the ramp in muy five inch heels and I felt so in control and I think all of Macbeth can be summed up into that one scene, it was my favorite scene to do aside from her final scene. It was hard to come home and lay her down. I carried her love, and hate, and insanity around with me, I still do. I loved playing her because of the challenge and how much of myself I put into her. You don’t always get that with musical characters. I still want to be a musical theatre actress, but I hope Shakespearian works stay a part of my resume because they’re so beautiful. I’ll stop ranting now.


My mom asked me to e-mail her a Christmas list, this is what she got back:

 For My Birthday or Christmas, because people asked:


  1. Singers Musical Theatre Anthology SOPRANO any and all volumes. 
  2. Singers Musical Theatre Anthology MEZZO/BELTER any and all volumes
  3. The Actors Book of Monologues for Women
  4. American Theatre Book of Monologues for Women
  5. Young Women’s Monologs from Contemporary Plays
  6. Anything Goes (2011 Revival Edition) Vocal Selections
  7. The Musical Theatre Song Encyclopedia 
  8. Moving Parts: Monologues from Contemporary Plays
  9. The Actor’s Book of Contemporary Stage Monologues
  10. http://www.cafepress.com/+lady_macbeth_sticker_bumper,264401335
  11. A GPS
  12. http://www.toms.com/womens/classics/morocco-women-s-classics




I know daddy doesn’t like bumper stickers, but I REALLY like that one



See one half of me is like scared, and worried, and nervous I’m going to be a senior going from Lady Macbeth to fork #2

The other half of me is like, BRING IT, I was Lady Macbeth, nothing is more BA than that(:


I know I complained a lot, I really didn’t want Lady Macbeth. But I’m glad I got to play her. That role taught me a lot about acting and how to actually understand your character. I think every role you play becomes a part of you, and she’s definitely a part of me(:

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